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Innovation Fueled by Nine Decades of ExperienceInnovation Fueled by Nine Decades of Experience

Founded on the Italian island of Sardinia in 1941, Ganau relies on nine decades of experience and the integration of modern technology in its pursuit to produce the finest corks possible. Ganau is the first choice of successful winemakers who value purity, performance and reliability.

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Natural Corks

Unparalleled Purity

Taking advantage of cork’s intrinsic characteristics, Ganau’s line of natural corks is the preferred seal of prestigious winemakers around the world. Hand-cut by skilled craftsmen and subjected to a two-step cleaning process, Ganau’s natural cork closures redefine the traditional wine closure for the 21st century winemaker, embodying the pinnacle of quality and simplicity.


EPIQ is an individually screened natural cork with threshold of ≤0.5 ng/L TCA. It uses a scientifically verified technology with a sensitivity rate at least five times higher than other methods.  The technology ( VOCUS® by Tofwerk) is a cutting-edge chemical ionization combined with high resolution time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer. It screens every cork within three seconds and it has been verified by the Analytical Chemistry, a peer-reviewed publication of the American Chemistry Society.

Natural Corks

Discover the Possibilities

Ganau offers a full line of natural cork in a variety of visual grades, as well as the choice of natural or hydrogen peroxide color. Ganau’s natural finish uses a basic water wash to preserve the natural raw cork texture. Clients can also choose a non-immersion hydrogen peroxide wash process designed to provide the improved aesthetic with minimal exposure to the washing agents. By offering a full range of natural corks, Ganau ensures that their clients receive the highest quality and purest natural corks available.



Ganau’s UNIQ line provides a viable alternative to natural cork closures. UNIQ is the ideal closure for long aging wines as well as white wines needing complete neutrality. UNIQ is offered in three different OTR levels providing winemakers with the ultimate flexibility in wine aging.

In order to assure performance and purity, Ganau produces all granules utilized for technical corks from dedicated raw material and wastage generated from the production of solid natural corks and discs.

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Validated by several independent laboratories and considered the undisputed leader of technical corks, the UNIQ line represents the cork of choice for 21st century winemakers. Constructed from natural cork micro-granules selected for uniform sizing of 1mm or smaller, a neutral bonding agent, and high quality microspheres, UNIQ offers superior organoleptic performance, rapid recovery rate, mechanical homogeneity and smooth extraction. Micro-granules used for UNIQ are treated with Ganau’s temperature driven cleaning process, mixed with microspheres for added elasticity and individually molded for consistency.

UNIQ is the most advanced technical cork option available to winemakers looking for superior technology, cleanliness and dependability.

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Sparkling Corks

As the leading producer of sparkling wine corks, Ganau has applied stringent cleaning processes and implemented advanced quality control measures in order to meet the demanding standards of top Champagne and Sparkling Wine houses.

Traditional Sparkling

Ganau’s line of traditional sparkling wine corks are produced with superior cork granules selected for uniform size between 4 and 8 mm and cleansed with Ganau’s unique processes, before being individually molded to guarantee a uniform seal and excellent pressure resistance. Once the body is molded, two solid cork end discs are added to ensure that only the purity of natural cork comes into contact with the wine.

UNIQ SparklingUNIQ Sparkling Sparkling

Ganau’s UNIQ line of sparkling wine closures is precision-engineered with uniform micro-granules and no disc ends, offering benefits such as significant TCA reduction, excellent organoleptic performance, rapid recovery rate and easy extraction.

Composed of micro-granules selected for uniform size of less than 1mm, a neutral bonding agent, and microspheres, the UNIQ line has been positively tested by the most prestigious French Champagne houses, as well as approved by the Comité Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne after undergoing rigorous testing.

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Ganau’s PRIMO line of sparkling wine closures is composed of cork micro-granules selected for uniform size of less than 2mm and an elastic bonding agent specifically used for sparkling wine applications. PRIMO corks offer an economical, thus reliable choice for quick consumption sparkling and semi-sparkling wines.

PHÉNIX SparklingPHÉNIX Sparkling

Building upon the success of UNIQ which is widely recognized as the leading sparkling wine closure for both wine aromatics and pressure resistance, Ganau unveiled their cutting edge sparkling wine cork, PHÉNIX.

After several years of testing, Ganau has successfully combined the proven reliability of UNIQ with a high end natural disc end. This latest innovative offering allows wineries the opportunity to maintain the traditional cork aesthetic with the added value of UNIQ

Welcome to the Ganau family, PHÉNIX.

Ganau Method

In order to provide winemakers with the finest cork closures in the world, Ganau’s manufacturing allows for precision control over each step of production. From maintaining cork forests to deep-cleaning processes, Ganau has revolutionized the way raw cork is processed to produce corks that exceed the highest industry standards.

Forests + Harvesting

As a 100% natural, sustainable and recyclable material, Ganau’s commitment to cork begins with a dedication to nurturing company-owned forests and supporting selected Mediterranean growers.

Ganau’s sustainable practices rely on decades of knowledge and a skilled team, in order to guarantee the cork oaks are never harmed during the extraction process.

As a renewable resource, Ganau understands the amazing benefits of cork and is dedicated to long-term sustainable practices.

Plank Selection + Storage

Once the raw cork has been harvested, the planks are selected for thickness and quality, thus discarding those with any critical defects. The chosen planks are stored at Ganau facilities in Sardinia, Italy and Montijo, Portugal, where the utilization of plastic pallets and sloped concrete floors serve to improve air circulation and drainage, eliminating the possibility of contamination. The raw planks are left to cure for a minimum of eight months in order to stabilize before being processed into corks.

Ganau RevolutionGanau Revolution

Ganau’s custom-designed high-pressure rain system autoclaves utilize 120o Celsius water and steam to penetrate deeper into raw cork planks and dramatically decrease TCA levels. Ganau Revolution’s specialized non-immersive cleaning steps employ fresh water and extreme temperatures to consistently achieve maximum purification, while reducing water usage and cross-contamination. The proprietary Ganau Revolution purification process represents the latest stage in the development of traditional boiling methods and is unrivaled in taint reduction.

Hand Cutting

Cork planks are hand-cut into strips within 24 hours of completing the Ganau Revolution cleaning process, preventing an unnecessary waiting period at high moisture levels which can lead to mold growth and possible contamination. After passing visual inspection, the strips are hand-cut by skilled employees, first into squares and then into cylindrical natural corks. The excess material created during the production of natural corks and discs is subsequently broken down into granules to be later molded into agglomerated corks.

TF Process

Following the cutting stage, the raw corks and discs are submitted to Ganau’s second cleaning process. Centered on a custom-manufactured autoclave system, the TF cleaning system penetrates deep into corks and discs with pressurized steam to further diminish TCA. Phases of vacuum are added into the process as well to maximize extraction. Ganau’s cleaning system was the first in the cork industry to implement an autoclave in the processing of cork products.

Granule Cleaning

Cork granules are extensively cleaned with a technologically advanced process where at high temperatures a steam stripping process provides efficient removal of TCA and other volatile compounds. Based on the principle of thermal desorption and without the use of chemical products, Ganau has invested in this unique technology since 2010.
Each cleaning cycle is tested for TCA (through our GCMS’s) before proceeding to the next stage of molding.

Individual Molding

After cleaning and testing for TCA, granules are molded to produce Ganau’s line of agglomerated corks. All of Ganau’s technical corks are individually molded instead of extruded to produce consistent densities while requiring minimal glue.

Completion + Selection

Finished cork products are rinsed of any production residue, using water for a natural finish or hydrogen peroxide for a white finish, before being rapidly dried by specialized machines to immediately remove any excess moisture. Corks are sorted first electronically and then by employees, simultaneously dividing the finished corks into different visual classes and eliminating any corks with flaws or critical defects.

Laser, Fire or Ink Branding

Whether order quantities are in the millions or few thousands, Ganau offers cork branding to all of its clients. Ganau can assist in designing artwork, as well as work with clients to execute laser, fire and ink branding that meets their requirements. Fire branding is the preferred method of prestigious winemakers, since the final brand consists of a neutral imprint, whereas ink branding may benefit clients that require complex artwork or a more economical alternative to fire branding. Laser branding is the newer and more precise technology available for both side and cork ends.

Lubrication + Shipping

In the final step of the production process, all cork products are lubricated using Ganau’s exclusive system, which achieves perfectly even and consistent lubrication for excellent bottling performance, optimal seal and easy extraction. Once lubricated, corks are moisturized, packaged and sealed to ensure maximum quality upon delivery.

Quality Control

Ganau has sustained its long-standing reputation for unparalleled quality by developing industry-leading cleaning and quality control procedures in the reduction of taint from cork closures. Beyond the ultimate goal of eliminating taint, Ganau’s implementation of rigorous quality control standards throughout the production process guarantees consistent performance from its full line of cork closures.

Testing For Quality

Ganau employs sensory and GCMS screening tests to diligently monitor the presence of TCA in raw and processed cork materials. Ganau soaks thousands of corks on a daily basis, drastically exceeding industry standards in order to study background aromas and TCA concentrations. GCMS tests are performed through production and finished product, ensuring that only the purest corks enter the final production stages.

Beyond TCA screening, Ganau utilizes precision electronic analyzers to measure dimensions, weight and moisture levels of cork products throughout the production process, making certain that the final corks meet both physical and mechanical specifications. Ganau is also well known for its uniform method of grading corks, performed by both specially-trained employees and carefully calibrated electronic eyes.

In applying a wide spectrum of quality control measures, Ganau relies upon modern technology and skilled employees to provide winemakers with some of the purest and highest-quality corks in the world.


Corra Wines

Our vineyard and winery teams strive for perfection at every point from bud-break to bottling.  When it comes to trusting a natural cork to keep flavors safe during the rest of the wine’s journey, I need to know that my cork supplier takes as much pride in their product as I do in mine.  Ganau seeks the same perfection that I do.

Celia Welch


Quivira Vineyards

“What’s so great about UNIQ is getting a closure at a great price that is perfectly consistent and will support that aging and development over a 10 to 15 years period”

Hugh Chappelle, Winemaker


Scott Covington, Winemaker

I have been using UNIQ since 2014. I began using them on my SB and have been very happy with the performance. I am now using them on my entire line of wines including our age worthy Cabernet and Bordeaux blend. I would definitely recommend UNIQ to anyone interested in a taint-free, consistent closure for their wines. Scot Covington, Winemaker


Champagne Billecart Salmon

In the continual pursue of perfection, Billecart Salmon accepts only the finest closures for our wines.

For the past several years, we have been working with GANAU both with their traditional corks as well as “UNIQ”, their technical closure, which is keeping us extremely satisfied.






Our experience using Ganau natural corks for our single vineyard cabernet sauvignons has been outstanding. The look, feel and sensory consistency of the product is unparalleled. We farm, harvest and craft our cabernets with the intention that they will continue to improve for decades in the cellar. Using the best cork in the business is the only choice for us and Ganau makes that choice easy.

Duncan Arnot Meyers



Champagne M.Hostomme

GANAU has been our exclusive supplier for more than 15 years. We choose UNIQ for our Cuvée Champagne Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru ABYSSE. The bottles are submerged for 12 months in the Ocean at 60 meters depth. UNIQ perfectly preserved the wine’s integrity even under these extreme conditions.

We have been using UNIQ for several years for its technological qualities, its neutrality, its homogeneity, its innate attitude for a better wine ageing, its extraction consistency and its respect for our Champagne.

Laurent Hostomme


Champagne Vollereaux

Thank you Ganau for the quality you provide us with UNIQ. I have been using UNIQ exclusively for a few years in the entire portfolio of champagne that we produce. My clients are reassured when I tell them that they will not have any corked wine anymore. Uniq provides them with a better sealing, thus a better guard of their favorite champagne.


Champagne Pierre Domi

Domi corks go hybrid! After several months of testing, we have chosen a new cork: Phénix, produced by Ganau. Although technological corks are increasingly used in Champagne, we have rather preferred Phénix combining the superior performance of a technological cork with the tradition of a nice natural cork disc, rigorously selected in Sardinia. – Stéphane LUTZ


Greg La Follette

My partner, Patrick Dillon, and I conducted an extensive two years cork trial with Alquimista’s most high end wine, Cellar Dreams ($94/bottle).  We compared UNIQ with a solid natural cork and synthetic closure.

We love the consistency UNIQ brings in the bottle and the absence of any form of taint. We are now using UNIQ with all of our wines.

Greg La Follette, Winemaker


Meyer Cellars

For aromatic whites and rose UNIQ is the obvious choice.  We have not had a single bottle with cork taint.

Matthew Meyer



Founded on the Italian island of Sardinia in 1941, Ganau has grown to become Italy’s largest producer of corks. Ganau  serves French wineries from locations in Epernay, along with US clients via their facility in Sonoma, California. Ganau has augmented its operations across the globe in order to provide winemakers with the highest quality corks available.


Family-owned and operated for three generations, Ganau has spent decades developing the way cork is processed in order to meet the demands of eminent winemakers around the world. Ganau focuses on sustainable practices and innovative production techniques, as it aims to produce optimally performing wine closures while maintaining cork’s status as a renewable resource.

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